Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An email from New Hamster

Peep was downright lonely, not that she’d admit it to Rudy or LT, even in an email.  The Daddy had stayed home a good bit over the last two days, and that helped a lot.  He did have to go out and work sometimes, though, and when he did the time dragged.  It wasn’t that she spent a lot of time with Rudy and LT, because she didn’t.  Sometimes LT only came in to eat, and she and Rudy could spend the entire day in different rooms.  But – at least she knew they were there.  Now it was just her.  Loaf Cat was around, mostly staying under the deck and Fuzzy was around and about, particularly when there was fresh food.  Unfortunately Fuzzy was as likely to chase her as talk to her, so he was no company.  He was more of a necessary evil.  Loaf Cat, who’d been raised by a deaf girl, didn’t talk much and was shy of being around other cats.  So, it was just Peep. 

She checked the email any time she knew the Daddy would be out of the house for a while, even though she knew Rudy would likely only be able to send messages at night.  She finally understood why Rudy complained about the junk mail.  She didn’t want to train to be a marine mechanic, wasn’t interested in catnip from Canada and wasn’t looking to find her soul mate.  Sheesh.  Delete, delete, delete.  Then, on Tuesday afternoon there was something new and different, with a message subject of “Note from Benji”.  She didn’t know a Benji, and didn’t think Rudy did either.  She was a little hesitant at first to open it, remembering Rudy and the Nigerian email scam.  Even if it was a scam though, it wouldn’t hurt to open it, would it? 

Peep was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an email from one of the cats who lived with Runa.  She’d heard, probably from the yarn lady’s sister that Peep was home alone and had sent her a message.  Reading it, she felt she had a lot in common with Benji.  She’d been adopted by the yarn lady’s sister when she was just a kitten and was practically starving, just like Peep had been adopted by the Daddy.  Benji was shy, and Peep was kind of shy.  Not too shy to be social with humans she knew, but shy of strangers and dogs.  Peep thought she’d like Benji and wished they could visit in person, but Benji lived all the way in New Hamster.  Last November Rudy had looked up where New Hamster was located when they were searching for a home for Lemuel and the rest of the turkey flock. They’d figured out that it was hours of driving to get there.  Not as far as Pottawatomie, but still pretty far away, and definitely not a place that Peep could walk to and get home again the same day. 

Peep wished she could send Benji a message that Rudy wouldn’t be able to read.  She’d love to have someone to talk to about how lonely she was, but any email she sent could be read by Rudy.  Maybe she could figure out how to set up her own email account, because she really needed someone.  Peep logged off, thinking the Daddy might be home soon. 

When the Daddy came home he found Peep lying on the Mommy’s pillow on the bed, head on her paws, looking so very sad.  He lay down with his head on his own pillow and gently stroked Peep’s back.  “I miss them too, Peep.  I didn’t really want them to go, but they wanted to go to Pottawatomie so much.  I couldn’t deny them that opportunity.  I’m here for you, Peep.”  She nuzzled his hand and the two lay there for a long while, thinking of others they wished were home with them. 

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