Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Wasn't My Fault

Subject: It wasn’t my fault

It was not my fault that your cat ended up in cat jail, or perhaps dog jail today, considering she was briefly at the Wamego Dog Pound.  It turns out she was sitting outside singing at the top of her lungs, and some lady called the police because she thought the cat was being tortured.  So, since I wasn’t home and Rudy doesn’t wear a collar, a cop took her in.  Now, Westmoreland has several patrolmen who are perfectly reasonable animal lovers, who would have petted the cat and left, but instead she was picked up by some guy who supposedly told the Wamego Pound that they could put her to sleep for all he cared.

So, maybe this email isn’t calming you down.  Well, the rest should.  By the time I found Miss Rudy Toots, she was snuggling with the staff at a local vet’s office, where she had been pronounced perfectly healthy and quite delightful.

I’ve given the police station photos of both cats, my contact information and your home phone number just in case.  After I got back with Rudy one of Westmoreland’s Finest stopped by and we shared an iced tea and a laugh about the cop.  He’s nearing retirement, and his wife has several cats.  They guy hates the cats, supposedly, and takes it out on the cats he sees in the course of his job.  I’d report him to the Humane Society, but since that was who he told to put Rudy down, I think they already know.

Well, I thought instead of a photo of cats and a newspaper today I’d send you a photo of Rudy that I took some liberties with.  Thanks again for sharing the cats and I do promise to bring them back to you.


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