Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ho hum emails

Subject: Another daily update

Greetings from the hot and dry state of Kansas.  Boy do I miss the moist salty breezes from the Atlantic Ocean.  Work has been going pretty well.  I finally got all my supplies and we’ve been working on setting up for the sweat lodge construction for the last two days.  It’s not simple, believe me.  The saplings have to be the right length and that’s a lot of what I’ve been doing for two days, measuring and cutting.  I had a visit today from the guy from Oregon who conducts the Sweat Lodge ceremonies for the VA there.  He had consulted with the construction of it there, so he wanted to make sure we were going to do things to spec.  When he found out I was Wampanoag he relaxed quite a bit.  Not sure why, as we don’t have a sweat lodge tradition that I know of.  We’ll be seating the saplings by Thursday and start the lashing.  The weather has been cooperating – no rain.  I wouldn’t mind a few clouds, though.  The sun just beats down on us in the big open field. 

Your cats are happy as clams.  Lettie has decided that single men don’t cook well, so we’ve had invitations for dinner almost every night since Sunday.  Well, that’s only a couple nights I know, but it’s kind of nice.  She sure talks a lot.  Her cats are nice, and you should see LT with them.  You’d think Ginger’s grown kittens weren’t grown.  They get all silly with LT, climbing on him and acting very kittenish.  I understand they’re almost four, but they sure don’t act it.  Rudy mostly ignores the ‘kittens’ and hangs with Ginger, that is unless LT is with her.  Then Rudy gets huffy and sits outside under a tree. 

Well, that’s about all that’s up here in the beautiful state of Kansas.  We’re on track to be back by the end of June.  If that changes, I’ll let you know as soon as I do. 


Subject: Bored

Today was supposed to be really hot (and it was), so I stayed back at the RV while LT went to see Ginger and the kittens.  I deleted a ton of emails about earning money and buying Canadian catnip without a prescription and wandered around the interwebs for a few hours.  I got so bored I even started a Facebook account.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends, so it’s just as boring as sitting and watching grass grow.  I tried to do some more research on cats and Pottawatomie, or Kansas, or Potawatomi Indians, but drew a total blank.  Maybe it’s a secret conspiracy or something.  More likely, the humans who are doing all those things for the cats are embarrassed about it, and don’t put stuff on the web about it.  They should be proud they have a beauty salon for cats here, not avoid talking about it.  I tried doing a search for cat beauty salons and ended with a stupid computer game about giving cartoon cats hairdos.  Dumb. 

If tomorrow isn’t too hot I’m going to try to get to the house on Wilson Creek Road that the prairie dogs said had cats.  I think I’ll go by way of the pond so that I don’t get dehydrated.  LT was so upset yesterday that I left without telling him, so I’ll let him know tonight that I’ll probably do another day trip into Pottawatomie.  That pond was really nice, Peep.  It’s a lot nicer than the one near our house, maybe because there’s no road right up against it.  Come to think of it, there’s not a lot of roads around here, period.  And even fewer houses, except right here in town.  It’s like they concentrate the humans in one place and let the animals have the rest.  And the wheat.  There’s wheat all over the place here, although a lot of it is being harvested already.  I found one field that had just been harvested, and it’s real hard to walk on a field like that.  Broken little bits all over the place that get stuck in your paws. 

Well, LT says hi, Ginger says hi and the grown-up kittens say, “MONSTER!”  Good grief. 

Rudy and LT

Subject: You’re so lucky!

Wow, Rudy and LT.  You were so lucky to run into Ginger in Kansas.  It’s been almost four years since she left, and to find her all the way out there.  I thought they were moving to Toms River or something like that. 

It’s been way rainy here – you’d think it was April, except it’s warm and rainy instead of cold and rainy.  The tiny pond where the frog lives is almost overflowing and the bullfrog is croaking his heart out!  I don’t think Fuzzy likes it.  I keep finding him asleep in the living room in the morning.  I’ve been keeping the Daddy company at night, so that he doesn’t get lonely.  I thought it would be nice, not having to share my food with you two for a bit, except Daddy isn’t putting out as much, and Fuzzy keeps stealing it.  Rudy, I think your presence kept him out of the house more than the humans.  He’s scared of you and he sure isn’t scared of me! 

Nothing else doing here, except rain.  The Mommy got a new computer and left her old one home.  I’d use it, but I can’t get it open.  Why couldn’t she just have a desktop like the Daddy?  Well, I hope you’re having lots of fun and meeting lots of new cats. 


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